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Most believers will agree that we are living in the end times. Because of this, it's time to make sure we are "right" with God. And being "right" with Him means we need to ask ourselves some tough questions: Did Yahweh really hand down two separate rules - one set for Jews and one for Gentiles?

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Does God approve of the fact that we changed His Messiah's name, birthday, and the dates of His death and resurrection? Is He pleased that we are ignoring His commanded seventh day Sabbath and the Biblical Feasts which are not only His "appointed times" but which all foreshadow Jesus - who has so far only fulfilled the first four of the seven? If, as a believer in Christ, I am a part of Israel, shouldn't I be keeping the "forever" commands? The answer will surprise you!


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"The Workbook" is totally self-contained.

All you will need
is your Bible!

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"Should Christians be Torah Observant? - The Workbook!" will challenge you to rethink everything you've learned about God and the Bible. This workbook contains basically the same information as the book of the same name, and the only thing you will need to participate in this amazing study is your Bible. This eye-opening study, depending on how much work you do during each session, can take as little as one week to complete - or it may take up to eight weeks, if done at the rate of one chapter per week.

Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance before the beginning of each session, and don't hesitate to verify in the Scriptures everything you read and learn - because, if something cannot be verified in the Bible it isn't of God!

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Most end times books and articles concentrate on the meanings and symbols contained in the Books of Daniel and Revelation and offer endless theories about how the end times will unfold according to their particular perspectives. But hardly anyone ever stops to ask: WHY are we in the end times, in the first place?

The plain and simple answer is: Mankind as a whole is not obeying God and the time has come for Him to put an end to our nonsense! Yahweh, our Creator, outlined in the first five Books of the Bible exactly who He was, how to properly worship Him so that we could live holy lives and obtain eternal life through His Messiah.

And yet mankind has managed to ignore His Divine Instructions and concoct myriad religions and denominations, while arrogantly espousing "tolerance" and insisting that "all paths lead to God." Whether one "believes" in God or not, we will all find ourselves as victims as the end times events unfold....

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...Strives to unravel the mystery of the end times from a Netzari/Messianic perspective, boldly illustrating, among other things, that our disobedience is one of the reasons for the end times dilemma we all face.

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The true story of one woman's struggles and a modern-day fairy tale of success against all odds!

This autobiography by author and webmaster, Carmen Welker, is a straight-forward, no-nonsense expose' about the ramifications of childhood sexual abuse. Her story, which unfolds chronologically from early childhood on in post-war Germany, is one of rejection, mental and physical abuse and indescribable horrors at the hands of her alcoholic mother (a prostitute who was married a total of eight times) and an adoptive father (an American soldier - a First Sergeant - who happened to be a raving pedophile).

Born in post-war Germany near the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Carmen was given away at birth and placed with foster parents until the age of nine, when she was literally ripped from her foster mother's arms by her natural mother who was unable to leave Germany with her new, American husband as long as she had children in foster care. Carmen's two half-brothers had been adopted, so she was the only impediment to her mother's chosen new life. Because Carmen's foster family was unable to adopt her, her mother's only viable and quickest option was to take Carmen back.

Sentenced to several years of mental, physical and sexual abuse with her "new parents," Carmen ultimately joined the U.S. Army at age 18, where she ultimately made it to the highest enlisted rank in the field of journalism.

Her personal life, however, remained in shambles - thanks to Satan, who makes it extremely hard to emerge from our self-made "ruts" and ensures that our "baggage" keeps following us ... as long as we choose to hang onto it....

She was 44 years old when the Holy Spirit opened her mind to God, who completely delivered her from the horrors of her past and provided healing from the inside out.

Today, Carmen is an ordained Messianic Rabbi and Associate Professor at an online yeshiva (seminary), and spends her time leading others to the Truth of YAHWEH/Yeshua/Torah. She has authored several books, and had the distinct privilege of being the editor of the Aramaic English New Testament.

"Rags to Rabbi" reveals the struggle between YAHWEH and Satan in our lives, and shows that there IS healing through faith and obedience!

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This book should be required reading for every pedophile or sexual predator, as it is an "in your face" description of how their actions can ruin the lives of innocent victims!

"Satan just walked through the door!"

Those were Rebecca Ritter's initial thoughts when handsome rancher, R. B. "Rex" Lambert, first entered the Messianic synagogue!

And she was right. Not only did Rex end up wreaking havoc in the congregation, but he also devastated the leadership, caused some to lose their faith in God, and even managed to destroy the Rabbi's marriage. Making matters worse, his very presence caused "flashbacks" for the forty-something Becca - flashbacks to a childhood fraught with unspeakable horrors at the hands of her demented father, Klaus-Dieter Behringer, a former prison guard at the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, who had a few sinister "skeletons in his closet."

Set in the beautiful countryside near Seymour, Missouri, "Destroyed from Within" is an intense, fast-moving psycho-thriller revealing how the "sins of the father" are passed along from generation to generation while depicting the many ways in which weak faith and poor leadership can lead people completely away from God.

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A few reader comments:

"I literally could not put it down, even when I was crying. It is a real thriller!"

"WOW, it is absolutely wonderful. I don't think I will never be the same again!"

"What an action-packed ride! Had me breathless in places!"

"An exceptional novel, powerfully narrated with extremely praiseworthy intentions. And it certainly has the "WOW!" factor!"

"Very full-on, edge-of-seat dramatic happenings - with lots of "Whew!" moments! It certainly reveals that "ineptitudes" (especially those against God) bear consequences...."

Free to Sin is the true story of Tamra and Eve, a lesbian couple who, after years of struggling with their identities, finally found true peace through spirituality....
spirituality which had, for most of their lives, been skewed and shaped by the values and opinions of others, including those of various Christian pastors.

What Tamra and Eve found in the end was that their love for God was greater than their love for each other, and they did exactly what God wants all of His people to do: STOP the sinning.

This book reveals how one can come out of their sin and dares to take on the various misguided ideas about homosexuality and the Bible espoused by Oprah and certain Christian pastors who insist that "God condones homosexuality"....

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* Free to Sin
The true story of Tamra and Eve, a lesbian couple who came out of their lifestyle because their love for God was greater than their love for each other!

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About the author

Rabbi Carmen Welker, creator and host of The Refiner's Fire, the most powerful Messianic apologetics website on the internet, was born Jewish in a small German village not far from the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. After moving to the United States as a child in the early Sixties, she became a citizen and eventually made the U.S. Army her career. A former military Journalist, she is now a Messianic teacher who spends her time leading others to the Truth of Messiah Yeshua and the need for Torah. Carmen is a graduate of the Messianic Jewish Rabbinate (where she now teaches Messianic Apologetics). She also had the distinct privilege of being the original editor/proofreader of the Aramaic English New Testament. Both her book, "Should Christians be Torah Observant?" and her February 2011 two-hour interview on God's Learning Channel ended up on GLC's "best seller" list for several months.